Mayan Fox are bouncing grooves, ridiculously good hooking melodies, voluptuous harmonies and witty lyricism. 

Based in Australia with cultural influences that transverse the globe, the flavour of Mayan Fox music has been described as "spicy" and "zesty". To avoid the cliche, eye-rolling self-description of their sound as "every genre rolled into one" the band simply describe their music as 'Exotic Pop'. Chito Miranda of Parokya Ni Edgar fame described the Mayan Fox sound as one that was "...building bridges between cultures and genres".
Mayan Fox have traveled the world sharing their music. They have a passion for purpose beyond self-promotion. The band saved and fund-raised to travel from Australia to Canada with the purpose of playing an acoustic gig for a young fan who was in palliative care, weeks from leaving this world. They traveled to Tacloban in the Philippines to perform a free gig for fans who had recently had their homes and lives devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). They have shared their music in the name of many charitable causes and believe that music can have a powerful influence on the spirits and minds of the listener. 
Mayan Fox is built around husband and wife song-writing team Nate & Maria Hamon (Singer, Uke, Keys respectively). Add Shannon Beaumont (Guitar,) the masked Tai Shan Fox (Bass,) Dwaine Woolley (Drums - when he's in the country,) and singing Aunty & Nieces team Luana Ross, Peyshance Clayton and Phoenix Hamon, and you have the full line up.