A Simple Way to Become a Fighter

  • 22 million people in Slavery.

  • 1/2 of them children!

  • Many more people in 3rd world countries utilised as extremely cheap labour. Many of them forced to live like unwanted dogs, begging for scraps, tied to their work stations, abused verbally, physically, sexually...

To appease the demands of Western consumption (our consumption).

Buying Fair Trade products can help eradicate such injustices.

Below is a cut 'n' paste copy of a request that YOU can use to promote the stocking of Fair Trade products in your local store. It's so easy. Just fill it out and post it. You'll walk a little taller the day you do.

You can find other resources by checking out your local Fair Trade site (google it).

One Love

Mayan Fox

The Letter:

Dear Store Manager,

Please stock more Fairtrade products.

I was in your store today in and would love to be able to buy more Fairtrade products next time I shop there.

I’d particularly like to find these products in your store:
(name any product and it's likely it's in the Fair Trade range.
Chocolate, Cookies, Clothing etc.)

As a regular customer, I’d appreciate it if you would pass my
request to the person responsible for selecting which products
are stocked in this store.

If you’ve got the time, please let me know when the Fairtrade
products will be in stock:

Post Code
Email / Telephone

Thank You

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