What Comes First the Children or the Eggs?

It's been a while since i've posted on here and this is going to be a short one as all I have to say is this:

Please, please, please - Think Thrice BEFORE purchasing chocolate this Easter. Ask yourself  "Could this be 'Blood Chocolate'? Could this have been sourced from slave-worked plantations?"

The best way to know that your chocolate has originated from a plantation where workers are paid a fair wage rather than having been forced to work for free, often suffering beatings, scant to no meals, chemical contact without protective equipment and more, is to look for the 'Fair Trade' logo.

Cadbury carries it on their Dairy Milk ONLY! Nothing else so don't be fooled. Most other big brands are NOT Fair Trade.

Most slaves in the cocoa industry are children. Many have been stolen from the streets or bought off their parents with false promises of an income for their family.

This Easter, please put children first, not the eggs.

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