Single Kiss

Mayan Fox, X Wilder

From Nate: 20 years ago I wrote this for my wife, on the back of a napkin, during our wedding reception. I sang it then and there as my vow. We've been performing together ever since. Released this week to celebrate our 20-year anniversary. Listen out for the Mayan Fox kids. Remixed by James Doyle and produced by X Wilder

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The Longer Story...

With all the details

Although the story of Single Kiss begins with Nate (last minute as usual), writing his wedding speech/song on a napkin, during his wedding reception 20 years ago, it has become an interwoven thread in the fabric that is Mayan Fox. 

A few years after it's debut on the wedding stage, Nate and Maria had formed an official songwriting duo named Skuna Quay. Single Kiss was released as an acoustic song in a chill style. 

Fast foward a few years and the duo had expanded to include James  (Nate's cousin) on bass, Shannon on lead guitar and Dwaine on drums. Although there have been line up changes over the years, the core Mayan Fox line up has remained. 

In 2009, the band joined with wonderful backing vocalists Luana and Peyshance for a tour of the Philippines. It was on this tour that Shannon met his now wife, Jonika. Dwaine later met his wife, Shanta on a subsequent visit to the Philippines. 

Fast forward to 2023, after loads of shows and song releases over the years, the band found itself spread out. Dwaine in the Philippines with his lovely wife and son Nitro, Shannon and Jonika living out of Lismore with their son, Jax and Nate, Maria and James in South East Queensland with their growing families. (The band members have 9 kids now!) Gigs were impossible so they have had to think outside the box to keep the foxies going. 

With this new remake of Single Kiss, James was able to perform some magic with the rhythm section and Maria (X Wilder) has been able to use what she learned at uni the past 4 years producing the song we now present. 

To include our junior foxies we had James and Summer's 2 youngest kids and Nate and Maria's 2 youngest kids sing a countermelody on the outtro. Jax and Nitro have loaned their super cute voices to the intro and outtro sections of the song making it truly a culmination of the Mayan Fox family. 

 We are deeply greatful to have been able to make this journey as Mayan Fox and thank you for being a part of it too! Thanks for listening.